You could do anything, if only you dared to. And deep down, you know it too.

Sarah J. Maas


How many times have you repeated to yourself, I’ll get to it, maybe tomorrow, or later for things you’ve longed to do for literally forever, but haven’t come up with the energy to bring it into being?

Well, that will not be today! Not with Your Choice in the running!

But, before you start said journey, there is one thing you need to know: no one can fix your problems. And no one will. I, Mia Mosquera (the creator of this blog), cannot help you.

Unless you decide otherwise.

So many people can tell you what to do. Does it mean you’ll listen?

Maybe, maybe not.

People- I can suggest that you do something. I cannot force you to do it. I cannot make you want to do it.

You are the only one who can.

No one will help you the way you will yourself.

Because you’re the only one who can decide to make a change.

It’s Your Choice!

Ready to straddle the stars?

Visit the About page to find out more about what Your Choice is for you!

Please enjoy what I have prepared to the fullest!

Pages of Interest


You may be thinking, this is just another About page going to ramble about what their blog can do to help people. But I’m not people- I’m me. So, getting straight to the point, what’s Your Choice for you? A space where personal growth, new beginnings, and… Press to Read More


What’s Coming Up For You For Next Three Months

Interested in what’s in store for you during the next three months? Or simply get an idea of outline of the time span? If you are, I’ll tell you in this post. Quick Explanation to How I Came Up With this Post Idea It’s funny,…

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EP 1 – Love Compatibility, Traits, etc. About Aries

Hello, crazies! As you can tell by the written title, this is the first release of the new series called Wheel There Be a Sign? Yes, a new series! It’ll consist of 12 episodes where each zodiac sign in the astrological calendar is covered. Within…

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Left and Write

A page that’s brimming with poetry, random notes, and writing pieces that contain a moral, or message you can take however you like. The goal of the Left and Write is to open your eyes to the unseen (in the public eye and in your own life) as well as what find what it is that inspires you.

RPC What?

How to Sell Anything (the 5-Point Sales Process)

1 – Attracting Attention Yes. Attracting Attention. Not Attracting Customers. Why? – one of you reading must be asking themselves. Wouldn’t you figure that attracting customers would be better than just attention? Attracting attention is better since it could attract more than just customers. Maybe…

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Franchise VS. Doing Your Own Thing

What is the difference better the two: Franchise vs. Doing Your Own Thing? Before I take a dip into that pudding, if it’s unclear to some what a franchise is, it is not like opening up a small, local business. It is more a corporation…

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Food Vigor

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